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Belly   Bind

Restoring your

stomach after birth to its pre pregnancy state.


Your first step to a pre pregnancy tummy and reclaiming your body.

Postpartum belly binding helps to balance and ground the new mother both emotionally and physically. Aiding and speeding up the healing process by supporting abdominal muscles and joints to close and organs moving into their pre pregnancy state.  42 Days after birth.

Happy mummies. Happy tummies.


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Reclaim your pre birth tummy. 

   Choose from a

  • single bind,

  • 1-1 "how to" call + Bind

  • postpartum recovery set.

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Single Bind.

Organic unbleached breathable Benkung Belly Bind.  The bind is specially made to provide enough tension to bind with minimal stretching. Lifetime when cared for correctly. 


Back & Hip Support.      Firms Stomach.


Uterine Pressure.          Closes Joints.


Diastasis recti.               Balances Meridian Energy.

Hormonal Balance.        Reduces Clot risk.

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Benkung Bind +

1-1  Consultation

Organic unbleached breathable Benkung Belly Bind and personal 1-1 call, we'll go over how to use and make the most of your bind in your postpartum healing journey, meditation and Q&A.


Back & Hip Support.      Firms Stomach.


Uterine Pressure.          Closes Joints.


Diastasis recti.               Balances Meridian Energy.

Hormonal Balance.        Reduces Clot risk.


Postpartum recovery kit



Single Benkung belly bind.


30ml Ayurvedic tummy oil.

Perfect for self massage or using on the womb area before binding, this oil blend helps warming the area and vialating the vata dosha in Ayurvedic healing. 

High in linoleic acid, nourishing the skin preventing drying out. Contains anti bacterial and antioxidant properties.


3x 25g Herbal sitz bath. 

A blend of 5 Organic herbs perfect for postpartum healing. 



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What is Benkung Binding?


Benkung Belly binding is a traditional malaysian practice, now becoming popular and known worldwide used to heal and flatten the stomach after birth returning the body to its pre pregnancy state and helping to balance the mind and body. The bind gradually applies pressure to the stomach and has been known to aid in healing diastis recti, help hip joints close and return organs to their original position.

For me, this tradition is almost like swaddling the sacred womb area. Supporting healing in the most natural way your body deserves.

Why Benkung belly binding as opposed to a waist trainer or belt?


One of the big reasons is your body is going to change shape during your postpartum many times over. Benkung binding is always going to fit and contour your body throughout those changes. The bind covers from under your breast to pubic bone. You can make it as tight or as loose as you would like, your in control. The bind is made of a breathable organic cotton fabric, helping with sweats and comfort not forgetting, emotional closure after pregnancy too. 

What would benefit you more- your grandmas old traditional recipe or a store readymeal?

What can Benkung Belly Binding help with?


Benefits include:

supporting to bring seperate Abdominal muscles back together

stabalising loose ligaments 

improving blood flow and circulation

relieving flatulence and water retention 

supporting posture and relieving back pain

emotional closure to pregnancy 

warming the postpartum body from a cold state to warm state

helps dispel excess water and air and relieves flatulence and water retention

supports energy levels (chi) 

How long?

10-12 hours per day.

How many days?

40-42 days.

Is it too late?

Any time within 1 year.

When to bind?

7 Days after birth.

How does the Binding work?


Your body has produced a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy, which helps your body accomodate a growing baby and childbirth. After birth, moms body continue to produce relaxin which helps heal her body. Belly binding is thought to work by supporting the natural healing process of closing after birth. It helps the uterus and internal organs find its pre pregnancy place in your abdomen, definitely helping in posture and back support. The bind helps warm the abdomen area and support blood flow, promoting healing. Your baby moved your hips (pelvis) and ribs out of place with the help of relaxin hormone, now lets wrap it back together while relaxin is still in place.

How do i learn how to do it? Is it really worth it?


Yes is the short answer. It looks difficult and daunting at first but if you book a session below, I walk you through it and you'll learn how to wrap yourself in a scheduled zoom session or in home providing its safe. No matter your situation this is totally do-able! A huge mindset tool with this wrap is reminding your self you need to take care of yourself during your postpartum to be able to fully heal and return to a healthier pre pregnancy state for yourself and for your baby. The benefits are huge and you have gone through a pregancy and a birth and are very deserving of healing. you are totally worth it! 


Still unsure?

Book a free 15 minute call with me today and we'll answer any questions you have.


The benkung bind is not a replacement for consultation with a medical professional,

This is an age old complimentary practice that has been carried out by mothers around the world. In no way do we claim any result or guarantee from binding.

If you have any medical complications please consult your GP before use.

It is recommended not to wear your bind during sleep. 

It is advised to wait until 6 weeks postpartum or once your incision has healed if you have had a c- section. 

This bind must not be worn in the case of a fallen uterus.