Pre + Post birth support and healing

I'm proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centred care for women in all stages of the birth process.

From pregnancy to post birth recovery.

Healthy pregnancy

Empowered birth

Healing post partum

Lets kick your birth fears to the kerb together!

I'm a qualified Ayurvedic, Moroccan and traditional doula and have spent the last three years serving and empowering mothers to prepare for an empowered birth and heal after the birth process.

After my second child, I found very few systems in place to help women in their emotional and physical journey through birth. After childbirth, it's extremely important for a mother to feel confident in herself and her recovery while she takes on the responsibility of another life. This is where I decided to share my knowledge to support mothers during this vulnerable stage.

My goal is to make every mother aware of the support available in her healing process outside of a six week general check-up and guide her to essential healing services she is deserving of. With the aim of her feeling nourished, restored, balanced and grounded and a source of life and support for her child. 

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Take control of your body shape after birth


Benkung belly binding has a long and rich history known throughout the world for assisting the healing process of stretched ligaments, tendons, muscles that become loosened after the pregnancy journey


'9 Pillars of Birth'
A 9 Part Online Pre-pregnancy Course designed for expecting parents

I’m here to coach you on how to train your mind and body for a smooth birth and transition into motherhood, in a personalised approach, free from past trauma or negative associations of birth in a way you could never find searching online.

Available Online

Learn in your own time

Post natal healing
Internal - mindset -nourishment

Herbal Womb + Yoni steaming




Closing Ceremonies

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A fully tailored post birth healing plan designed to heal a new mother to

pre-pregnancy state through the lense of Ayurveda and Traditional Moroccan practice