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Pre and postpartum recovery

Proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centered care for women in all stages of the birth process. From pregnancy to post birth recovery.
Post birth recovery. Ayurvedic.

A one to one based Ayurvedic post birth (post natal) care package to create a healthy mind body recovery and rebalance after birth and beyond. We cover everything from nutrition and rebuilding digestive energy to healing massage for mother and baby, lactation nutrition and reviving the body again.

Pre birth prep course. Doula.

Empowering and preparing expecting mothers to have their ideal birth. A one to one course provided virtually or in person. We cover a wide range of topics to prepare the expecting mother and their partner for the birth process. Click for more info on modules covered.


Benkung belly binding.

Restoring your stomach to its pre pregnancy state after birth. A worldwide staple in after birth healing. Originating from ancient methods used by Malaysian royals. It helps to support hip realignment, heal diastase recti and align the organs to their original position. Available as a single bind, Belly bind kit and 1-1 consultation.

Womb steaming.

Cleansing and reviving your reproductive system after birth. Using specially selected herbal mixtures to help revive the reproductive system using a gentle steam.


Womb steaming is an ancient tradition that promotes a healthy recovery and can aid in hormonal balance, heavy bleeding, trauma, pms and regular infections.

Ayurvedic breastfeeding coaching.

A 1 hour call to support the new mothers breastfeeding journey through an Ayurvedic perspective covering nutrition, lactation herbs and answering any questions.

Ayurvedic doula
Traditional Moroccan doula
Breastfeeding coach 
Herbalist in training
Forest school leader in training
I'm a qualified Ayurvedic, moroccan and traditional doula and have spent the last three years serving and empowering mothers to heal and take control of the birth process. 

After my second child, I found very few systems in place to help women in their emotional and physical journey through birth. After childbirth, it's extremely important for a mother to feel confident in herself and her recovery while she takes on the responsibility of another life. This is where I decided to share my knowledge to support mothers during this vulnerable stage.

My goal is to make every mother aware of the support available in her healing process outside of a six week general checkup and guide her to essential healing services she is deserving of. With the aim of her feeling nourished, restored, balanced and grounded and a source of life and support for her child. 

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