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Meet Arooj Shazad

Birth doula - Clinical herbalist - Ayurvedic Postpartum healer - Forest school teacher

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I am passionate about your health and your children's health, healthy upbringings &  specifically specializing in pediatric gut health, pregnancy, herbalism, Ayurvedic postpartum and teaching skills in the wild forest!


After my second child, I found very few systems in place to help women in their emotional and physical journey through birth. After childbirth, it is extremely important for a mother to feel confident about herself and her healing while taking responsibility for another life. This is where I decided to share my knowledge to support mothers during this vulnerable stage.

My goal is to make every mother aware of the support available in her healing process outside of a six week general check-up and guide her essential healing services she is deserving of. For the purpose of her feeling nurtured, restored, balanced and rooted and a source of life and support for her child. 

For your children, I am passionate about a natural way of living, supporting them to learn natures tools and tricks through their natural ability supporting healthier children, & improving psychological well being. 

As an herbalist I am able to prescribe herbal medicines for a range of ailments, emotional or physical. Trained to create remedies for conditions and symptoms, aiming to treating the person as a whole by stimulating the healing capacities of the body, herbal medicine is selected individually to respond to the disease of each individual. 







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Birth limitless course 

An online course designed for expecting parents
Birthing how nature intended

I’m here to coach you on how to have a smooth birth and transition into motherhood, in a personalised approach, free from past trauma or negative associations of birth in a way you could never find searching online.

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Mindset rewiring
Birthing physiology + Breach birth
1st week healing
Controlling your surrounding

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Moroccan, Western and Ayurvedic expert postpartum healing practices. The lost art of postpartum healing.

A fully tailored post birth healing plan designed to heal a new mother to pre-pregnancy state through the lens of Ayurveda and Traditional Moroccan and western practice

Traditional herbal medicine
Belly Binding
Nourishment at a cellular level
Ayurvedic balancing
Moroccan Closing Ceremony

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Postpartum recovery course