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Womb steaming!

Traditionally in Morocco womb steaming is a common practice for all postpartum mothers, but is also known to be a significantly worldwide practice too.

In the UK postpartum care is minimal, involving a 6 week check-up at your GP centre, during this period your body is undergoing a huge healing process, closing of the vaginal canal, the uterus removing left over lochia, the uterus reducing to its normal size. During this period common complications may arise such as infections, uterus contractions, swollen skin or vaginal prolapse.

Womb steaming is an ancient tradition which involves the new mother sitting over a warm bowl of postpartum herbs chosen carefully to help cleanse or detoxify. The steam from these herbs enters the vagina, is absorbed through tissue walls and flows through the blood, promoting cleansing and healing of all the abdominal organs. Womb steaming has shown a relief to complications such as haemorrhoids, infections, constipations, water retention, postpartum contractions and prolapse.

Previous case studies show womb steaming has shown lochia drains after the first 5-6 sessions as opposed to the norm of 6 weeks, the uterus shrinks back to size within the first two weeks as opposed to 4-5 and after 4-5 weeks the vaginal canal is tightened in comparison to mothers who have not had steaming and those who believe it will never be tight again.

Any woman, of any age, a mother or not will BENEFIT from womb steaming, research is now proving womb steaming can help conditions such as regular infections, PMS, endometriosis, period pain issues, heavy bleeding issues, trauma. I could give you a list, but the list is endless! This is an ancient blessing us women, have been blessed with to use and heal with!

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