Working towards an empowered birth.

In this 1-1 service I personally walk you through your pregnancy journey providing evidence based information, personal support and qualified guidance to empower and provide clarity for a smooth and exited birth.

empowered with knowledge

confident in birth.

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Pre Birth 

Prep Course

for expecting mothers.

Our Goal.​
  • Remove anxiety and provide the clarity and support for a smooth and empowered birth to be exited for.

Pre birth doula services

This is a 1 to 1 service provided via a series of 60 minute video calls, chat support and personal meetings.


We will work together on our initial call to create a course of action to follow between calls that will prepare and empower you throughout your pregnancy all the way through to birth.

We will cover..

  • 60 minute Initial consultation 

  • 4 x 60 minute prenatal education sessions.

  • Hormone balance.

  • Birth physiology. 

  • Mindset transitioning and hacking. Changing how your brain perceives birth.

  • Phone, text and email support for whole pregnancy and labour.

  • Access to resources, videos links.

  • on call 24/7 2 weeks before your estimated due date.

  • Signposting throughout pregnancy.

  • Personalised guidance with evidence based information.

  • Birthing plan.

  • Realities of labour and what to expect.

  • Help to prepare you and your family for early parenthood and caring for your new arrival.

  • Birthing partners + expectations.

Performing a closing ceremony on a new mother in Morocco.

Package cost : £449

5 Stages of labour

1. Early labour

2. Active labour

3. Transition

4. Pushing

5. Birth

5 Signs of a strong mother and a smooth birth.

1. Nourished

2.  Grounded

3. Sense of control

4. Clear birth plan

5. Partner communication


take you step by step through the 5 stages of pregnancy to birth.

As a mother of two I found myself completely lost and in need of support and guidance that was unavailable in our current system. Unaware of what pregnancy was outside of eating well. I found countless mothers had little idea of how to prepare for a smooth natural birth, how to prepare their mindset for the birthing process or how to take advantage of our natural and powerful ability to give birth keeping happy and relaxed in the process. 

I now work with expecting new mothers to guide them through the pregnancy journey offering evidence based information and step by step support to achieve a smooth and empowered pregnancy.

A doula is here to..

Meet Arooj Shazad

The word doula comes from the ancient greek language meaning female caregiver. As a doula I am professionally trained to provide physical, emotional and information support to you during your pregnancy, your not alone during your pregnancy, im here to provide support and evidence based information. This type of support helps the whole family relax and enjoy the experience- You can truly have the birth you want.


Pre Birth 

Prep Course

  • Pre birth prep.

    Doula course.
    Valid for 9 months
    • Pre birth prep. Doula course.
    • Prenatal education + empowerment.
    • Birth physiology.
    • Guided birth plan and partner support.
    • Pre birth and pregnancy wellness consultation.
    • Pre birth labour preparation + hormone balance.
    • Email support throughout pregnancy
  • Full prep + Birth

    Pre birth prep course + present during birth
    • Pre birth prep. Doula course.
    • Prenatal education + empowerment.
    • Birth physiology.
    • Guided birth plan + partner support.
    • Pre birth + pregnancy wellness consultation.
    • Pre birth labour preparation + hormone balance.
    • Unlimited phone and messenger support.
    • On call continuos support through labour + birth.
    • 15 x 1-1 panic calls.

Empowering and supporting you every step of the way through one of the most intimate and life changing experiences.


Why do i need a doula? 

A doula educates and provides a service in which many moms are in need of during this time, as there is a lack of antenatal sessions and someone to ask the "is this normal" questions?

There is no support in anyone to turn to for evidence based information, or anyone to teach you how a baby is actually birthed and about your hormones during birth? A lack of support in teaching you how to write different birth plans for different situations or what to expect in a c-section. We help overcome your fears and 

We explain the pathophysiology of birth so you and your birth partner understand exactly how birth works,  we teach your birth partner how to advocate for you and teach them how to support you during labour and birth to help ease your pain. 

What are the benefits of having a doula?

Studies have shown that with a doula present;


  • 40% reduction of oxytocin use

  • 40% reduction in forceps and vacuum

  • 25% labours are shorter,

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 50% reduction in cesareans 

Confidence in birth comes from knowledge and a positive strong mindset. 

How do you deliver this support?


This support is offered virtually, 4 x 60 minutes sessions. 

What do the sessions cover?

Sessions cover a range of topics including the science of why the mind sees birth and how to take control. Fears and how we can overcome them using this technique. Education on what to expect and how to nurture your body. How your birth partner can physically support you during your birth to help ease any pain, breastfeeding and newborn care. Labour stages and birth physiology. Knowledge decreases fear which decreases tension- which leads us to an ideal birth.