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Single Benkung Belly Bind. The bind is specially made with material able to provide enough tension to bind with minimal stretching whilsed still remaining breathable. Lifetime lasting when cared for correctly. 


As a commitment to quality and genuine care for mothers, all binds are handmade hemmed edge binds with personally selected materials.


We hand select the highest quality long lasting material for our binds.

Width: 8-9 inches.


Size: Universal.


Postage and packaging included. 


Back & Hip Support – Belly binding provides muscle and posture support in your back and hips. This is especially helpful for supporting a healthy breastfeeding posture when sitting.


Uterine Pressure – Belly binding presses the uterus inward, which in turn help the uterus stay firm and return to its pre-pregnancy size.  This aids in pushing out blood and any clots.


diastasis recti – Belly binding is believed to press together separated abdominal muscles, a condition that is common for postpartum mamas called. 

Single Benkung Belly Bind,

  • Hand wash only.  


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