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Herbal Health Limitless

What is herbal medicine and what do you do?

Herbal medicine is the use of plant medicines to treat an illness, with over 500 clinical hours with a supervisor, and thorough training in anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology, extensive differential diagnosis and clinical examination skills training I'm able to support your health and healing through herbal medicine. 

Where do I get herbal medicine from? 

Pharmacy, supermarkets, but tailored medicine is only available from a qualified herbal medical practitioner. 

What happens at that initial consultation? 

The first consultation lasts at least 1 hour, including questions about all your body systems, pulse and blood pressure, tongue diagnosis, judging levels of vitality, diet and lifestyle. From your assessment, a combination of tailor-made herbal medications is created for your prescription to address the imbalance you are experiencing. A follow-up consult is recommended after 4 weeks. 


Do you treat children? 

Yes, children & adults. 

What are your herbal prescription forms? 

My medicine comes in tinctures, herbal tea's, syrups, herbal capsules, herbal creams and ointments/salves. 

During the consultation, we will discuss what is the most appropriate form.

Can herbal medicine help me?

Research has shown herbal medicine can have some great effects. 

Some of the conditions, herbal medicine can help with:


Anxiety or stress/depression

Skin health 

Immunity or auto-immunity

Respiratory conditions

Reproductive and hormonal health/fertility

Digestive complaints 

Cardiovascular problems 

Can I take my GP, medication alongside herbal medicine? 

Yes, herbal medicine can be taken as a form as complementary medicine alongside your medication you are taking. You can also see other therapists/health practitioners, herbal medicine works well with acupuncturists, yoga therapists, counselling and chiropractors. 

How much is the cost?





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