Yoni Steam/ Sitz bath herbs

Gently cleanse and revive your personal areas with a revitalising womb/yoni steam

When to steam?

Anytime 3 days after birth.

How to steam?

20 minute sessions.

How often?

Ideally once a week.

Is it too late?

No, never too late!


Gently cleansing and reviving your intimate areas.

Womb/yoni steaming is a gentle and non invasive way to help heal and maintain your intimate areas. Benefits have been known to include aiding the uterus to return to pre pregancy position, easing and even healing gynaecological complications, incontinence and more. See below for more info.

Happy mummies. Happy tummies.

Shop Sitz baths sets here.

Choose from a range of reviving Sitz bath sets, sitz bath herbal pouches and Sitz bath seats. If you're unsure what to choose, book a 15 minute consultation and find out whats best for you.

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Sitz bath seat + herbs set.



1x Sitz bath seat. 

25g Sitz bath herbs. (3 steaming sessions)


Vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice that utilises herbal infusions from carefully selected herbs into a warm, deeply penetrative steam bath for the vaginal tissues and reproductive system. 


Stimulates healing.      Cleanses intimate areas.


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Sitz set    +  Herbs

1-1  Consultation


1x Sitz bath seat. 

25g Sitz bath herbs. (3 yoni steam session)

30 minute call including guided healing meditation + how to steam correctly to make the most out of your steam session.


Vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice that utilises herbal infusions from carefully selected herbs into a warm, deeply penetrative steam bath for the vaginal tissues and reproductive system. 

Hormonal Balance.        Reduces Clot risk.


Sitz herbal pouch.


25g Herbal sitz pouch/ Yoni Steam.

A blend of 5 Organic herbs perfect for postpartum healing. To be used in your sitz bath seat, womb steam seat or to add to a bath for a healing and relaxing herbal soak. 

Soothing sore, tender stretched perineum. This herbal mix improves blood flow to the perineum area which reduces swelling and inflammation. These herbs relieve irritation accompanying stitches, helps keep your area clean lowering the risk of infection.

Stimulates movement and clearing of the reproductive sytem.



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What is Yoni Steaming?


Vaginal steaming is an ancient health practice where a woman sits or squats over steaming water containing herbs so the steam can reach the vulva, vaginal canal, perineum and anus. 

Yoni steaming is well known and has history in throughout many countries such as Africa, South Korean, Sudanese ect. 

Has there been any studies on this?


Yes & currently more studies worldwide are being done on vaginal steaming as this practice has shown interesting results.  A professional midwife conducted & collected data on 11 postpartum clients. blood pressure, sutures, lochia, damage to the labia ect. Pelvic exams were checked 4 days postpartum, 8 days and 6 weeks. Results showed after steaming sessions, blood pressure was controlled, all labia's were visibly in the healing process, uterine contractions decreased. Vaginal steaming has shown positive impact on many indicators of postpartum recovery.

What can Yoni Steaming help with?


Benefits include:

Lochia drains after the first 4-6 sessions rather than 6 week 

The uterus can shrink back to its pre pregnancy state earlier than 4 weeks 

Vaginal Canal can be tightly closed as opposed to never closed again 

healing hemmorhoids 

healing painful stiches and infections 

resolving complications or incontinence

How does yoni steaming work?


The steam from these herbs enters the vagina, is absorbed through the tissue walls and flows though the blood promoting cleansing and healing of all the abdominal organs. Womb steaming has shown relief to complications such as haemorrhoids, infections, water rentention, postpartum contractions and prolapse.

How do i learn how to do it? Is it really worth it?


In the UK postpartum care is minimal, involving a 6 week check up at your GP centre, during this period your body is undergoing a huge healing process, you totally deserve to heal.


Yes, purchase your herbs or the package you would like. Book a 121 session and you'll be walked through everything you need to know about home steaming and lets start your healing journey. You are totally worth it! 


Still unsure?


The benkung bind is not a replacement for consultation with a medical professional,

This is an age old complimentary practice that has been carried out by mothers around the world. In no way do we claim any result or guarantee from binding.

If you have any medical complications please consult your GP before use.

It is recommended not to wear your bind during sleep. 

It is advised to wait until 6 weeks postpartum or once your incision has healed if you have had a c- section. 

This bind must not be worn in the case of a fallen uterus.